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Leslie Cochran, Austin’s most recognized freak, was taken to the hospital February 16, 2012 after a seizure and fall (which has happened several times since his 2009 near-death scare). He was semi-comatose for 13 days, but awoke. He remains in critical condition and has been moved to hospice care. Our Icon of Weird’s condition is not improving. It’s up to Leslie what happens next.

This site is a place to share stories and to bid on auction items to raise funds for needs surrounding Leslie’s situation.

Please visit BookPeople if you wish to donate funds, too. $10 or more gets you Leslie refrigerator magnets.

A donation jar and one of the paintings being auctioned here is at Goodie Two Shoes, 1111 S. Congress Ave.


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  1. Allison Ply
    March 10, 2012

    Having been in Austin since the 1970s, I have seen weird. Leslie Cochran was both weird and wonderful. There is no telling how many car wrecks he has caused, but I suspect more than a few. His legs were the envy of most women I know. When Leslie ran for mayor, I actually voted for him. I won’t vote for someone who won’t look me in the eye, and that year Leslie was the only candidate who did. I figured if I could help get Hank the Hallucination elected as student council president at UT, Leslie deserved the chance to lead also. In the past, my daughter, Laurel, had several moments of “Leslie time”, for which I am grateful. Laurel uses a power wheelchair for mobility and prefers not to ride the little buses – opting for the city’s fixed route buses, instead. Getting around downtown, going from one stop to another is quite a challenge in a wheelchair. Her soft voice saying “Excuse me. I need to get through” was often not heard by the crowds of people on the sidewalks. She would be stuck, not able to move forward and not able to get to the next bus stop in time. Somehow, Leslie would hear her voice over the din of the downtown hustle and bustle. When he did, he would step up and step out in front, clearing her way so she could maneuver down the sidewalk and be on her way. What an angel he was. Laurel hasn’t been able to get out much this past year and she has missed Leslie’s friendly smile and wave. I will always be thankful to Leslie for being one of her Earthly angels – the one in stilettos and a boa. The one with the friendly smile and wave. The one who could hear the small voice in the large crowd. Fly high sweet angel, fly high.

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